Man: Natural, Carnal, Spiritual


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When we read God’s Word, we know man was created in God’s image, a spiritual man, whom God desired to have fellowship with. When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, fellowship was broken and they became a natural man and woman. Because of their fall, we are all born natural men and women.It is only through reading our Bibles, getting to know God and submitting our lives to walking in His ways that we can become spiritual men and women. Unfortunately, many who come to Christ do not commit themselves to pursuing God and they continue to live in their worldly ways; they are carnal men and women. God has given us freewill to choose who we want to be: natural, spiritual or carnal. This book will define and guide you in the knowledge of each type of ‘man’. Be open to hearing from the Lord, as He desires for all to be spiritual and in fellowship with Him.