Impurity: The Naked Truth


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The Book of Judges was written many years ago. This book was written about the children of Israel, long before they were taken captive, and yet, at the same time, it could have been written today.

Sexual sin has become a lifestyle accepted by the world, and many Christians in the church. People do not want to look at sexual sin for what it is—how God defines it. They are following the trends of the world and ungodly leaders. The line between right and wrong has been blurred. They have embraced sexual promiscuity and forsaken the purity of God.

This book answers many questions, such as: Is sex before marriage bad, if we are in love? Is homosexuality a sin? Is watching porn okay?

You will not only learn what sexual sin is, but if you have fallen, you can be restored and made clean again before the Lord. Find out how to live your life holy, and let God free you from your bondage to sin.