Jesus went out and found common men to be His disciples. He did not look for men who were perfect. He did not look for scholars. He looked for ordinary men who were willing to deny themselves and follow Him and Him alone.

God has given us His Word with stories about the men and women He used to build His kingdom. Whether you are in the Old Testament or the New Testament, you will not find a perfect servant of the Lord unless you are reading about Jesus Christ.

What you will find is men and women who had a heart for God. They were men and women who knew they could accomplish nothing without the empowering of the Lord. They were men and women like you and me. They simply had a desire to hear the Lord say, “Follow Me …” and they were ready to go.

Marriage: Vowed Inseparable


What has happened to the sanctity of marriage? Vows before a holy God should be kept. However, marriage vows made before God are disregarded as mere empty words, and the marriage certificate viewed as just a written piece of paper––worthless. Marriage: Vowed Inseparable is a book that will help couples to discover the origin of marriage, gaining God’s perspective of submission, love and intimacy that will keep a marriage blessed. Those who have entered into a marriage relationship will learn the art of good communication and how to keep their marriage Spirit-filled. Raul covers the difficult subject of divorce biblically and the sins that ruin a marriage relationship. He candidly and honestly shares from his own heart about marital abuse, the pain and suffering he caused his wife Sharon, and the forgiveness that can only come from Christ. To those who are single he exhorts them to be content and wait on the Lord till He brings them the spouse of His choice. He warns them on the dangers of being disobedient to God’s Word by being unequally yoked, and the temptations that are sure to follow. A man and a woman joined in holy matrimony are partners for life––they should enjoy companionship––until death do us part!

A Quiet Hope


This is the testimony of seven Vietnam veterans who talk openly about their experience in the Vietnam War. Through their own words and tears, they offer healing to other Vietnam veterans and their families through the love of Jesus Christ. Available on English and Spanish.



Product with a purpose!
All proceeds go to supporting Somebody Loves You Radio with Raul Ries and the teaching of God’s Word.

30 Questions that Deserve Answers

Pastor Raul answers many questions that we are faced with when sharing our faith in Christ with others. It can be simple to share with others when you have simple answers to their most commonly asked questions.