Learn about how the Lord desires us to conduct ourselves as fathers with these MP3 audio studies on Fathers by Pastor Raul Ries.

Person God Uses


Pastor Raul has compiled 20 studies in an attempt to demonstrate for us the biblical requirements for a person who is thoroughly equipped for every good work. These studies are a comprehensive look into the type of person God desires to use for His service.

Victory: Overcoming Our Enemies



Victory is an original book packed with Pastor Raul’s personal experiences on the battlefields of Vietnam. With incredible, real-life insights of warfare, Raul will equip any believer to live a life of victory and defeat their enemies.

What makes this book so interesting is that Raul takes disciples of Christ on a mission. As if Raul was back walking point, he leads us through a difficult, spiritual battlefield filled with danger. With military expertise and precision, he warns, exhorts and encourages every believer to grow and discern for themselves who their enemies are. He also teaches Christians how to effectively use their spiritual weapons to overcome their common enemies.


Product with a purpose!
All proceeds go to supporting Somebody Loves You Radio with Raul Ries and the teaching of God’s Word.

Somebody Loves You Growth Book

We all have questions in our Christian walk. At the beginning, they are simple and get more complicated as we learn more about God. This booklet was designed to help you grow from a new believer, with the simple questions, and show you how to use your Bible to find the answers to the harder questions!