The Sermon of Sermons


Have you ever considered listening to the voice of Jesus––the Savior of the world––teaching a Sermon? Imagine, people have sat and listened to thousands of sermons preached by pastors behind church pulpits, publications, or on social media, but have they heard The Sermon of Sermons, Christ’s Sermon on the Mount? This Sermon includes the beautiful Beatitudes creating a timeless message etched in history. Profoundly practical, it continues to minister to the hearts of those called to follow Christ––His beloved disciples. Even now, He desires to draw people to come, know Him, and experience His blessings and promises. Glean from His teachings and learn from the Master true Christian living. With tender care, Jesus will calm your worries; His words will pierce your heart. Find a place of solitude. Relax as you join Jesus, as if you were sitting with Him on the rolling hills of Galilee, for an intimate time of study and companionship.

Understanding God's Compassion


We have all sinned before God. And, we have all failed. Yet, our Heavenly Father surrounds us with grace and mercy. Why?
God’s love is infinite.  And, this overwhelming love shows up everyday in our lives through His compassion.  When Jesus Christ walked the earth, He was filled with compassion towards the multitudes.  He forgave sinners, healed the sick, touched the down and out, and loved those rejected by society.  Today, the Lord’s compassion is just as evident in our lives as it was 2000 years ago.

Practical Christian Living


365 day devotional with Raul Ries



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Somebody Loves You Growth Book

We all have questions in our Christian walk. At the beginning, they are simple and get more complicated as we learn more about God. This booklet was designed to help you grow from a new believer, with the simple questions, and show you how to use your Bible to find the answers to the harder questions!