Marriage Series


What happened to the sanctity of Marriage? The vows we make before the Lord should be kept.  However in today’s society marriage vows are disregarded as only words, and the marriage license as just a piece of paper basically worthless.  Through this marriage series you will discover what it is like to have God’s perspective on marriage, i.e. submission,love and intimacy which in turn will keep your marriage together.  Pastor Raul shares honestly from his heart about the trial we all face in our marriage. A man and a woman joined together in marriage are partners for life.

Singles Series


When one is asked what he or she desires in a mate, most of the things they mention are qualities pertaining to looks and personality. Hardly anything is mentioned pertaining to character. People admire personality. God admires character. So when choosing a mate, let us not be fooled by just a pretty face or a nice personality but let us choose the way God would have us to choose, on the basis of a godly character. Even more important a godly man and woman show their love for the word of God by diligently reading it and by frequently meditating on it: “It is my meditation all the day” (Psalm 119:97)

Sin: The Root of all Evil


Today’s society has become accustom to so many destructive sins. Pride, envy and anger are no longer looked at as sins meant to feed the flesh, but as behaviors we use to prove self-worth or importance. The Bible says the heart of man is deceitful and wicked, but through the empowering of the Holy Spirit there is a way to escape those behaviors.

The Bible teaches us to die to our flesh and pick up the cross. The fruits we bear speak louder than words. When we practice pride, envy and anger, we are not drawing people closer to Christ, we are pushing them away. If we want to overcome these sins, we must give God room to change and work in our lives but allowing Him to teach us how to live with the love of Christ. Allow this book to speak to your heart, and draw you closer to Christ.


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Somebody Loves You Growth Book

We all have questions in our Christian walk. At the beginning, they are simple and get more complicated as we learn more about God. This booklet was designed to help you grow from a new believer, with the simple questions, and show you how to use your Bible to find the answers to the harder questions!