Men of the Bible


The Bible is full of men who shaped our world.  Through these 20 studies Pastor Raul will give you the tools to develop godly character,to influence the world for Christ, and encourage you to be all God wants you to be.  You will hear of their faith, how they trusted the Lord, their patience, and even their failures. Just like you, the Men of the Bible had a desire to walk closely with the Lord.



As I look at the state of the church, I am concerned. As a shepherd, I worry that the sheep are not prepared and will be deceived. Through much prayer and seeking the Lord, He has led me to write this simple book on the great doctrines of the Bible. Keep in mind—this is not an exhaustive study of the doctrines. I want to provide you with a simple guide, and you can take it from there. With your Bible and this tool, you will not be deceived. You will have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and you will know the heartbeat of God.

Discipleship Series


Throughout the bible we see many examples of discipleship Moses and Joshua,Eli and Samuel, Elijah and Elisha, Jesus and His disciples, Paul and Timothy, and so many more. We are all called to be disciples. Jesus states that everyone who truly believes in Him is called to be a disciple. “Jesus said, “If you hold my teaching, you are really my disciples” (John 8:31)


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Somebody Loves You Growth Book

We all have questions in our Christian walk. At the beginning, they are simple and get more complicated as we learn more about God. This booklet was designed to help you grow from a new believer, with the simple questions, and show you how to use your Bible to find the answers to the harder questions!