Victory: Overcoming Our Enemies


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Victory is an original book packed with Pastor Raul’s personal experiences on the battlefields of Vietnam. With incredible, real-life insights of warfare, Raul will equip any believer to live a life of victory and defeat their enemies.

What makes this book so interesting is that Raul takes disciples of Christ on a mission. As if Raul was back walking point, he leads us through a difficult, spiritual battlefield filled with danger. With military expertise and precision, he warns, exhorts and encourages every believer to grow and discern for themselves who their enemies are. He also teaches Christians how to effectively use their spiritual weapons to overcome their common enemies.

The scope of this book is written not only for those who are new recruits––new believers entering the spiritual battlefield for the first time––but for those who need to continually engage the enemy, as they fight onward until the mission is accomplished. Will you survive spiritual warfare or become a tragic casualty? Are you living a life of victory, or do you find yourself in constant defeat? There are many books written on spiritual warfare, but nothing like this book, VICTORY!