The Role of the Christian Man


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As defined in the Bible, manhood is a functional reality, demonstrated in a man’s fulfillment of responsibility and leadership. The achievement of these vital qualities marks the emergence of a man who will demonstrate true biblical masculinity. Christian Men should feel comfortable in the study of God’s Word. A Christian man should be able to teach someone, translating his personal discipleship into the fulfillment of a godly call. A man should know how to pray before others, to present the Gospel, and to stand in the gap where a leadership need is apparent. In this four message series Raul Ries explains that Christian men should learn how biblical principles are translated into godly living and how the moral challenges of today must be met with the truths revealed in God’s inerrant and infallible word. 4 messages on CD

Messages Include:

A Man’s Submission to God
The Man Who Failed
The Man that Misrepresents God
A Father’s Counsel to his Son