When Trials Come


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Before his afflictions Job was a man of great wealth. He excelled all the rich men of the East. Job’s afflictions began with the loss of his wealth, and continued with the death of his sons and daughters, and a series of trials that included his affliction with bodily disease. When Job’s three friends arrived, they didn’t recognize Job. He looked so bad to them that he seemed like someone else. It seems that the trials of Job’s life were enough to allow him to hit rock bottom. Your trials will do the same to you if you allow them to. They will rob you of your joy. In this nine CD study pack by Raul Ries we learn that the Lord has a cure. God desires that we learn to handle our trials by a biblical model. When life brings you down continue to serve the Lord faithfully and to praise His wonderful name. If you want to stop the devil, there is no greater way! 9 messages on CD

Messages Include:

Job 2-5
Job 6-10
Job 11-15
Job 16-20
Job 21-27
Job 28-34
Job 35-38
Job 40-42