Avoiding the Prodigal Child


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When men and women come together and start a family, they pray for their children from the time they are in the womb. Many couples pray for their children before they are even conceived. Every Christian prays their child will love the Lord and choose to follow Him, just as they have done.

Unfortunately, you can do all the right things and still have a child decide to walk away from the Lord. That is reality and the reason God gave us the story of “The Prodigal Child.” If you have a child who has turned from the Lord and everything you have taught them, you have entered a greater battle and it is time to draw closer to God, as you learn more about what God has said about families and what you can do to pray your child back to the Lord.

4 CD Package

Messages Include:
Parents Duties to Children
Children’s Duty to Parents
Parent and Children Relationships
Christian Family Priorities