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What has happened to the sanctity of marriage?

Vows before a holy God should be kept. However, marriage vows made before God are disregarded as mere empty words, and the marriage certificate viewed as just a written piece of paper––worthless. Marriage: Vowed Inseparable is a book that will help couples to discover the origin of marriage, gaining God’s perspective of submission, love and intimacy that will keep a marriage blessed. Those who have entered into a marriage relationship will learn the art of good communication and how to keep their marriage Spirit-filled. Raul covers the difficult subject of divorce biblically and the sins that ruin a marriage relationship. He candidly and honestly shares from his own heart about marital abuse, the pain and suffering he caused his wife Sharon, and the forgiveness that can only come from Christ. To those who are single he exhorts them to be content and wait on the Lord till He brings them the spouse of His choice. He warns them on the dangers of being disobedient to God’s Word by being unequally yoked, and the temptations that are sure to follow. A man and a woman joined in holy matrimony are partners for life––they should enjoy companionship––until death do us part!

Marriage was designed by God . He intended for two people to be joined together—inseparable . Other than our relationship with God, marriage is the greatest relationship in the Christian life . I have been married to my wife Sharon for fifty years—that is a long time! Our marriage, at times, has been tough, but what has kept our marriage unbreakable? We made a vow—a covenant with each other—we would never divorce . Even as a nonbeliever, I knew I would not divorce my wife; our marriage was to be a permanent union, until death do us part. During difficult times, we thought of our children; we knew it was vital for them that we follow God’s model for marriage and for our grandchildren, as well . Before I came to Christ, as a nonbeliever, I had a bad marriage . I was an abusive husband . When I came to Christ, I looked back in sadness at what I had done to Sharon; but because I truly repented, God forgave me . My wife also forgave me . Understandably, it took time for Sharon to rebuild her trust in me, but together we have moved forward in Christ .

Honestly, even as a pastor, I am not perfect, but I know that Sharon and I have remained together all these years, only by the grace of God . We have learned to get along together . In fact, my wife has been a real help to me in the ministry . She has stood by me in the call God has placed on my life . I have learned a lot from her because she grew up in ministry with her parents, who were missionaries in South America . Honestly, I do not think I would have made it in life without her by my side . The marriage vow is an intimate, permanent bond that is made between a husband and his wife, before God . In the very beginning, God ordained marriage; He brought Adam and Eve together (Genesis 2:21–25) . 8 Knowing marriage was ordained and arranged by the Lord, we can be sure it is the will of God for men and women to be joined together—to become one flesh . Marriage is a blessed union between one man and one woman . Marriage is not something imperfect, created by man . One thing we must keep in mind: when God brings a man and woman together in marriage, it is a holy union . The man and woman are not perfect, but imperfect . When a couple submits to the Lord and to one another in love, their marriage will be blessed and fruitful .

If you had a troubled marriage before you came to the Lord, you can still have a marriage blessed by God, if you and your spouse both submit to the Lord and follow God’s wisdom for your marriage, found in His Word . To those who are going through a difficult period in your marriage, open your heart to God . Ask God to help you work on your marriage . He is the One who instituted marriage, so keep Him at the center, and you will have an inseparable union . I am praying that through the power of the Holy Spirit, many marriages will be healed, as mine needed to be . As a pastor, I hope that husbands will have a renewed desire to love their wives, and the wives will unconditionally love their husbands . My wife and I are praying together that the Lord will do a tremendous work and use this book to help so many married couples in the church, and all around the world .

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