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A significant portion of the Bible is prophetic. As believers, our hope is in the promises of God. Nothing brings more hope & encourages faith more than Fulfilled prophecy. Why, because in prophecy we see the nature of God revealed. The prophetic word of God reveals the faithfulness of God to his children. Join Pastor Raul Ries as he expounds upon the reliability of God’s word in the past and be encouraged in God’s faithfulness in the future


As I look at the state of the church, I am concerned. As a shepherd, I worry that the sheep are not prepared and will be deceived. Through much prayer and seeking the Lord, He has led me to write this simple book on the great doctrines of the Bible. Keep in mind—this is not an exhaustive study of the doctrines. I want to provide you with a simple guide, and you can take it from there. With your Bible and this tool, you will not be deceived. You will have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and you will know the heartbeat of God.

Taking the Hill03

Over the years, Raul Ries, a military veteran (US Marine Corps) has reached out to those who are serving or have served in our armed forces. In 2006, 40 years after fighting in the jungles of Vietnam, Ries experienced flashbacks for the first time. Subsequently, he found three of the men closest to him, who fought alongside of him in the Marine Corps unit ALPHA 1/7, and have suffered the consequences. As he has gone from military recruiting depots to bases around the world, Ries has met many young men and women serving our country and is encouraged by their strength and courage.  Through his own personal military experience, his relationship with his Vietnam War friends and meeting the many men and women serving in our military today, Ries’ desire to help those who have experienced combat continued to grow and became a passion. This documentary is intended to lead warriors on the path in their journey home.


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All proceeds go to supporting Somebody Loves You Radio with Raul Ries and the teaching of God’s Word.

My Husband My Maker

Sharon Faith Ries is best known as the wife of Raul Ries, the pastor of Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar, CA, and teacher for Somebody Loves You Radio. His dramatic story was retold in the book and film From Fury to Freedom, but her spiritual roots run deep, both in the United States and South America, as a daughter of missionaries.