No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier.

2 Timothy 2:4

About Author

Raul Ries
On November 29, 1974, 3 years after accepting Jesus Christ, Raul Ries was ordained by Pastor Chuck Smith at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, as his small home bible study grew, it moved from his home to his Kung Fu studio, onto the Fox Theater. They then converted a Safeway Market into Calvary Chapel West Covina and eventually moved to Diamond Bar, California in 1993 becoming Calvary Chapel Golden Springs.

Through conferences in the states and throughout Latin America, Raul seeks to equip the saints for the ministry. He and Sharon have been married for more than 40 years and share the same desire to serve the Lord and see souls saved for Christ.


Inside the Book

VIETNAM WAR VETERAN, RAUL RIES through personal experiences as a two Purple Heart marine on the battlefields of Vietnam relates real-life insights of warfare.

As if he were back walking point, Raul takes disciples of Christ on a mission leading them through difficult, spiritual battlefields embedded with danger. With military expertise and precision, he warns, exhorts and encourages every believer to discern for themselves who their enemy is. He also teaches Christians how to effectively use their spiritual weapons to overcome their common enemies, equipping them to live a life of victory.

This book is written not only for mature believers who often engage the enemy—but also for new believers—new recruits entering the spiritual battlefield for the first time.

Will you survive spiritual warfare or become a tragic casualty? Are you living a life of victory, or do you find yourself in constant defeat? There are many books written on spiritual warfare, but nothing like this book, VICTORY!

Raul Ries is the Pastor of Calvary Chapel Golden Springs in Diamond Bar, CA. He has also taught the Word of God to multitudes for over 45 years through the daily syndicated radio program Somebody Loves You.

After his miraculous conversion through the ministry of Pastor Chuck Smith, Raul devoted his life to teaching the Bible line upon line, as taught to him by his pastor. He earned a Doctorate of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena CA.

Raul has served on the Calvary Chapel Pastor’s Board, now Calvary Chapel Association, with Pastor Chuck Smith from its inception, organizing and speaking at conferences for pastors and leaders in the USA, South America and around the world. The miraculous story of his conversion from an angry Kung Fu Master to a shepherd of God’s people is recorded in the movie and the book Fury to Freedom which has been distributed worldwide.

Covered Topics

Chapter 1

What is Spiritual Warfare?

Chapter 2

The Watchman

Chapter 3

Casualties in Warfare

Chapter 4

The Weapons of Our Warfare

Chapter 6

Empowered for Combat

Chapter 5

Christ our Captain

Overcoming Our Enemies

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Remember, no matter where we are in our relationship with Christ, we must continue to grow in the grace and the knowledge of Christ (2 Peter 3:18). We all need to reach a place of maturity and remain strong in the Christian faith. Think about it, this battle will endure for the rest of our lives. We must never let down our guard but continue to: crucify the flesh, keep ourselves from the world’s enticements, and fight to resist the Devil until we breathe our last dying breath.

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