Somebody Loves You Radio offers a treasury of Bible-teaching audio, video, and written materials intended to enhance your Christian walk.

If you have not made a personal commitment to walk with Christ, we invite you to our Become a Christian page. There you will find important information on who Christ is and why He wants to come into your life.

If you have already given your life to Christ – congratulations and welcome to God’s family! Now is an exciting time and we want to help you learn more about God’s Word, so you can have a deeper relationship with Him.

Explore our many Bible study resources to find pages that explain some basic doctrinal points such as regeneration, sanctification and justification. Resources also provide Bible studies that will aid you in the study of God’s Word.

We invite you to use this section to Know and Grow in your relationship with God!

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If you have an urgent need for immediate Biblical instruction, call 909-396-1884 from 9AM to 5PM Pacific time or email us.

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